Victory against 1880 III

In a clean, technically advanced game, both teams showed how attractive and fast rugby can look like. The young team of the SC 1880 not only showed good skills but also a persistent performance. After three fast tries of the BSC, achieved within the first 15 minutes of the first halftime the Team had to fight hard against an opponent that became stronger and stronger. At halftime it was 28: 7 for the BSC, who avoided worse, especially by a courageous defense. In the best weather, it was in the second half in which although Frankfurt 1880 III could score tries but also the experience of the team from Offenbach that applied persistent pressure became more and more obvious and at the end resulted in a clear 54:21 victory for Offenbach. The power of the young team from Frankfurt did not lasted until the end of the second half and the team of the BSC was able to create nice runs again and again characterized by good running ways, support and continuity. It was good to see how the backs and forwards of the team from Offenbach acted very well together in these attacks