For BSC Offenbach Rugby it was an intense weekend of (heavens game) rugby. With a fabulous second half fight back victory against the recently downgraded second league TG 75 Darmstadt. The first team of BSC was able to win its first game in the third division South / West and in quite some style. Head Coach Lofty Stevenson used his extensive experience to calmly adjust the BSC team to the physically superior guests from Darmstadt and within the last twenty minutes encouraged his charges to play some of the finest rugby ever seen on the BSC ground. The Game took place in perfect weather conditions with the guests from Darmstadt ready for rugby from the outset: -almost from the kick off they lead 5-0. The Offenbach team had a hard time against the fast attacking Darmstädter backs but with consistent defensive work and successful penalty kicks by captain Patrick Dunkley, were able to claw their way back into the game, pulling back the early lead going into halftime just 13-6 behind.

Darmstadt started the second half just as they had the first, with an early try addeding the conversion to further extend their lead. The Offenbachers however were not overcome by the score line and accepted the wake-up call by remaining focussed on doing their own jobs better and better. With his senior impact players Stevenson was able to get his team to cleanout more effectively at the breakdown and create their own fastball to attack with. The coach certainly got what he asked for, as he timely inserted the local game breakers into the match allowing the young flair players, to express themselves fully. With increasingly frequency quick counterattacks, which had been missing for the first 60 minutes, began to have the desired impact with two tries being scored, thus putting the Offenbachers just behind on the scoreboard by the middle of the second half.

Going into the last quarter Darmstadt had become exhausted by the quicker ruck paced game and could not defend as consistently as they had in the first half. With attractive fast hands and contact offloads BSC growing in confidence went on to score four more tries: six in the second half in a wonderful display of cleaning rucks, skill and energy Offenbach emerged the winners 50:23, stamping their mark clearly on the third league in style.

The second game of the weekend was a little more difficult for Offenbach. The second Offenbacher team joined with some rugby newcomers against a well-structured team from Kassel. The first half was very balanced, Kassel was able to score early and went ahead 5: 0, but further points were not possible for the North Hesse boys in the first spell, despite their fine efforts. Offenbach was defending consistently but initially had some problems to build their own attacking game into points. However they patiently worked their way through this period and at times it looked as if the BSC new comers could turn the game. Although plagued by injury midway through the half there were good signs of a possible victory for Offenbach after the Offenbachers with a courageous effort and strong running created a solid team a try to bring the score to 5-5.

In the second half with several injury changes made a little unrest crept in as the hosts lost focus and Kassel began to win more and more of the contact area batteles. Playing better ball allowed Kassel to control the match with fast counterattacks that resulted in some fine tries to the visitors. Although the BSC team had little experience and had never played together, this group gave a spirited account of the clubs culture of never giving up. No more so than in the 80th minute when BSC were vigorously attacking the Kassel midfield, looking to break through and score. Despite these gallant efforts the game ended 34-5 to a fitter, stronger Kassler; a well respected team.